Best Restaurant near V on Shenton

V on Shenton a newly developed condominium in Shenton way offers multiple amenities. Such as restaurant, shopping malls, schools, banks and many more. Undoubtedly, this new condominium is worth buying it is actually an exquisite home for home seekers and also best for investment for the investor.

Furthermore, each unit in the condo is designed to convey one of a kind home. In this article will be focusing on the best restaurant near V on Shenton.

UIC Building restaurants

Near uic building restaurants

Notably, inside the condo located at level 24 an outdoor dining and nourishment for the soul. This unique epicure level created in cooperation with a culinary consultant and chef Ryan Hong. The buffet outlay with food of dining options, kitchen choices and seating combination is purely delectable. Displaying fresh ideas of outdoor design, and furnishings handpicked from the best. Moreover, every table at Epicure comes with an entertaining view of the sea and the city.

Shenton way restaurants

Restaurant near V on Shenton

Moreover, outside the condo still have different delicacies you will enjoy at Shenton way restaurants. On top of the list is Shenton way Power Stall a Malay Singaporean cuisine serve with breakfast and dinner best for a family gathering with children. Experience the Korean delicacies at Han Ka Ram Korean Restaurant. They serve the best Korean cuisine good enough for a family, large groups, bonding with friends and colleagues.

Furthermore, for the best food in Singapore, one place to visit is Fun Toast in Shenton way. With its creative and unique café concepts serve with delicious home-made traditional Nanyang food. Drinks such as well-brewed and fragrant kopi and the alongside with breakfast like homemade kaya-butter, and many foods to choose from.

Another place to enjoy food on Shenton way is Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. An all-time favorite chicken rice in Singapore with a taste that is so good. A top dishes to taste in Sama curry and café is Moo Moo Hamburg. It Is the star of the dish packed with minced meat soaking up the curry broth.
For sushi lover, Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant. The buffet in Hokkaido sushi restaurant is the best particularly omega three overloads with fresh sashimi, enjoy the salmon and swordfish.

A good choice for investment

V on Shenton condo is also the best place for investment. It is a ninety-nine leasehold that gives a freehold for the condo to be the strong investment with the probable for high returns. Property investors may have this idea to consider V on Shenton rent value.

In conclusion, the overwhelming response for V on Shenton acclaim the condo development for being in the heart of the metropolitan hub. Also, it is a place for people who know how to enjoy life’s pleasures. With these, one can expect convenience at its best by calling V on Shenton a home. To get the most updated information about the condo don’t hesitate to contact us now! Be part of the V on Shenton Community!